Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who We Are and What We Are Doing

Hi, We're Darrell and Lisa, the crew of Why Knot, a 45' Thompson/Nelson (actually a Nelson.) diesel trawler and we are loopers. Loopers are people who are all about taking on a challenge of a lifetime cruising the Great Loop, a six-thousand mile (give or take several hundred miles) charted boating route that circumnavigates the eastern third of the US including parts of southern Ontario and Quebec in Canada. We started our adventure Jan. 6th 2012 from Pompano Beach, FL and look to complete the trip around early January, 2013.

We are both business professionals by trade with extensive experience in business development and strategic planning and management, customer service training, sales management and training, public speaking and something we like to call "Company Kickstarting", getting an organization to get moving in a positive direction. (Another way to describe it is to say, "Do you need to get your company moving upwards and onwards but you can't do it yourself? We'll do it for you.")

"Why Knot On The Great Loop" is a chronicle of our adventure on our initial go-around of the Great Loop. "The On Board Life" and its sister sight "The On Board Life Product Reviews" are sites dedicated to creating a community of pleasure boaters to share all the wonderful reasons we love this wonderful lifestyle and to provide valuable information to boaters that they might not get elsewhere.

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